13 Ridiculous Vintage Tobacco Ads You Won’t See Today

Back in the days you’ll rarely hear someone saying: I should quit smoking; cigarettes causes cancer; tobacco harms your health; how to quit smoking. There were even ads with doctors ensuring tobacco has nothing to do with health issues. Or paperback ads saying that cigarettes guard your throat. Also, women targeting with catchy phrases subconsciously saying – You must smoke cigarettes, in order keep slim, fit and beautiful. Surprisingly, even sports athletes were the face of the brand.

In 1953, Philip Morris company’s slogan was – ‘’the cigarette that takes the FEAR out of smoking’’
In 1985, one of tobacco vice president stated idea about smoking-related deaths – ‘’we should ban sleep since, according to the statistics, the majority of people die in their sleep’’

1. Camel 1950

camel 1950

 2. Camel 1952

Camel 1952

3. Kool 1964

kool 1964

4. Old Gold 1950

old gold 1950

5. Lucky Strike 1930

lucky strike 1930

6. Philip Morris 1951

Philip Morris 1951

7. Chesterfield 1944

Chesterfield 1944

8. Camel 1961

camel 1961

9. Salem 1974

Salem 1974

10. Dutch Masters Cigars 1958

Dutch Masters Cigars 1958

11. Tipalet 1969

1969 Tipalet

12. Kent 1960

kent 1960

13. Pall Mall 1953

Pall Mall 1953

Stanford School of Medicine

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