Sasha Grey – the erotic woman of an adult film industry


Sasha Grey – the erotic woman of an adult film industry

 The entertainment industry today has various creative artists from all fields. One such name has been on limelight for long in the adult industry, with strong mindset and making her a beauty with poise and freedom of speech, Sasha Grey is a teen sensation in America. Presently in a multiple role of a model, musician, author and an actress, she has ruled the industry world for ages. Born in a working class family of North Highlands of California, Grey had been raised by her mother, after her parent’s divorce at the age of five. She graduated from Sacramento City College, and is a trained dancer. She has also done acting and filming classes, where she learn dancing too.


Sasha Grey,model, erotic
Her first break in the adult movie industry was in the year 2006.

The career struggle

 Being a strong minded young women Sasha has climbed her ladder of popularity with grace. Knowing the controversial line of adult industry, she chose her career in an early age of eighteen. She worked as a waitress in a steakhouse, for few months to save enough money to shift her base to Los Angeles, for making her career as a young adult movie star. Her first break in the industry was in the year 2006, and quite evidently she made a name among the famous stars of that time. Known for her strong voice and being vocal about her bisexuality, she is an icon for many youngsters and the adult film industry. In her modeling career she has worked for renowned labels like, Max AZ aria’s creations, the Italian footwear brand forfex, and has even modeled for American apparel. In her acting career she has featured in many television shows and serials, and films. One of her known films was a low budget black movie named Smash Cut. In the music field she has collaboration named Telecine, and has also given vocals for many song albums.

The strong women Sasha

 A born fighter and optimistic believer, Sasha believes in freedom of speech and thought. She has no regrets for her previous career as a adult movie star, as she believes that being an erotic actress it is quite challenging knowing the controversial line of adult movies industry and one needs courage and self believe to do so. She has also been an advocate for the adult film industry where she defends her choice of being in this business and even supports young people who want to choose this line.


Awards received

 Winning numerous awards as a young star she has been the queen of the industry. Few awards which gave her fame were the Best Three Way Scene and Best Group Scene at the AVN Adult Movie Awards. She has also won the AVN award for the youngest Female performer of the year, back in 2008.

actress, model, singer, Sasha Grey
Sasha Grey
actress, model, erotic, Sasha Grey
Sasha Grey

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