Simon Sinek – the motivational icon in the writing world


Simon Sinek – the motivational icon in the writing world

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The world today is racing towards success, money, power and growth

The world today is racing towards success, money, power and growth. In this process somewhere people are losing hope and vigor to run along the race. In such a scenario inspiration and hope are both inevitable, and what would be more exceptional to have a modern day writer who has the power to motivate millions of people. The name amongst today’s modern and motivational writing world is Simon Sinek. He is an exceptional writer with a strong optimism and unshakable enthusiasm. Born in England, he got his graduation degree from the University of Brandies, in cultural anthropology.

What makes him different from others?

In today’s writing field there are many inspirational and motivational writers, but what makes Simon Sinek different from others, is that he has the skill to inspire great leaders and big organizations to further encourage people and make them love their own skills, making each individual self-sufficient and contend in their daily lives and work places. Regular with his own inspirational blog, the, he is easily approachable, and is open to encourage and motivate anyone from any sphere of society or life.

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Simon Sinek

The books he has written and their uniqueness

Till date Simon Sinek has written three best sellers in motivational writing. These are namely,

  • Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – this book is known to be a global best seller
  • The second book is Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull together and Others Don’t – according to the wall street and New York times, this was Sinek’s second best seller of all
  • And the latest and the third book by him is named Together is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration another best seller as announced by New York times.


All his three books deal with creating the leadership qualities and inspire people to follow their own dreams and passion with heart content, making each one a unique leader. Sinek believes in learning from the great leaders who have changed the work scenario in their own organizations, with amazing work environment and inspiring working techniques.

Being a trained ethnographer, he has dedicated his whole life in motivating many more exceptional leaders like him, to further inspire more action based work in their respected organizations. There are few more inspiring books written by Sinek in the near future, which also includes the book named Find Your Why: A Practical Guide to Discovering purpose for You and Your Team.

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Simon Sinek

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