Interesting historical facts we didn’t learn in school


Interesting historical facts we didn’t learn in school

These facts might sound like lies or fake and we didn’t learn about them in school. But they are actual true. Thanks god we live in present times.

Cups were made out of human skulls

The 3 cups were made out of 14,700-year-old human skulls and were found in Gough’s Cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset. They would have been used by ice age Britons and this is the first evidence of human skull-cup manufacture in the UK. Skull-cups came from two adults and one 3 years old child. According to archaeologists, they were early modern humans (Homo sapiens). It also might be an act of cannibalism. There are some evidence that suggests some of the removed flesh was eaten. Dr Bello explains, ‘There is clear evidence that human remains at Gough’s Cave were treated in a complex way involving cannibalism and manufacture of skull-cups.’ (More info)

Natural History Museum

Aztec sacrifice – pulling out still beating heart from victim’s chest

This might be seen or heard from movies or TV series. Some evidence states that there were made  thousands or more human scarifies all together. Aztec empire really took the rituals to new heights. The victim would be painted as a part of the ritual, they would be placed on a slab where their heart would be removed and held up to the sun.  The body would be thrown down the stairs of the temple/pyramid. The body would be disposed of in various ways, such as feeding animals at the zoo or putting on display (the heads).  There are some accounts of cannibalism, but it’s uncertain if this was practiced to any great extent. (More info)

Andrzej Bogusz illustration

Until 1960 tobacco companies suggested that smoking had health benefits

As far back as the early 1950s, cigarette advertising had begun to attract controversy, yet tobacco companies continued to pour money into their marketing efforts.  tobacco marketers got actors, athletes and even doctors to endorse their goods and make astonishing claims, with pseudo-scientific medical reports another staple of this strategy. There were even ads with doctors ensuring tobacco has nothing to do with health issues. Or paperback ads saying that cigarettes guard your throat. Also, women targeting with catchy phrases subconsciously saying – You must smoke cigarettes, in order keep slim, fit and beautiful. Surprisingly, even sports athletes were the face of the brand. (Vintage Tobacco Ads)

Camel – Vintage Tobacco Ad

Saddam Hussein was given the key to the city of Detroit

Saddam Hussein donated $250,000 to Detroit church  in 1979. He received a key to the city more than two decades ago, soon after he became president of Iraq. Rev. Jacob Yasso of Chaldean Sacred Heart congratulated Saddam on his presidency. According to him: “He was very kind person, very generous, very cooperative with the West. Lately, what’s happened, I don’t know,” Yasso, 70, said Wednesday. “Money and power changed the person.” A year later, Yasso traveled with about two dozen people to Baghdad as a guest of the Iraqi government, and they were invited to Saddam’s palace. (More info)

Saddam Hussein


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