Edward Thorndike’s Psychology in Advertising

Edward thorndike

Edward Thorndike (1874 – 1949). In 1898, he formed the source for his learning theories. To Thorndike, the most basic form of learning was trial-and-error learning. He made an experiment with a cat by putting it in a puzzle box. The animal would attempt to escape to get at the food outside the box. Pressing on the pedal would enable the animal to escape. The animal had to perform in…

Cognitive Theory – ‘Bowflex’ and ‘Nissan’ ads

Nissan logo

We already talked about Pavlov and his behaviourism theory. Next thing we want to introduce you are persuasion theory – called ‘Cognitive theory’. What’s the difference between behaviourism and cognitive theory? Behaviourism states that we can be stimulated to make change associations. Cognitive approaches, that we are already programmed. In other words, the cognitive theory just rejects behaviourism. (Lisa Fritscher, 2011) Pavlov theory states that advertisement receivers can be active participants in the…

Effectiveness/Ineffectiveness of Advertising Campaign. Xbox – ‘Cops and Robbers’. Part 2

Effectiveness advertising

Creative strategy, message and channel factors: It is known fact that there should be an element of creativity in advertising. This creativity is to create something new, unique, extremely attractive and appealing to the consumers. It takes a long time planning and part of the copywriter and creative director who shapes the final advertisement. A creative advertisement is developed on sound strategy, outstanding visuals, correct application of timing and media….

Advertising During Economic Recession

Times square

Advertising should not be cut in difficult times. One of the major things is that increasing advertising during the recession leads to increase in market share and sales. Furthermore, that effect seems to last beyond the recession and the response to advertising during a recession may be higher than that during stable times. The problem that face a lot of firms during a recession time is that incomes get lower…

How Sexy it Has to Be to Make You Buy it?

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One of the ways that ads are trying to attract more people is by using “sex sells”. It is a very logical solution for a couple of circumstance reasons. First of all, we are sexual beings, so advertisers can easily hope naked body to their brand logo will lock into the consumers mind. (WebMediaBrands, 2012) Another reason is that “sex sells” still works great and probably will be one of…

Gender Stereotyping in Advertising

Its not for women

It has been strongly evident that the media has played a large role in gender stereotyping for decades. Today’s advertisements do not reflect what women have achieved in our society. Advertisements often ignore women who reach career ladders. Also, women who become doctors, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, decision makers, and business travellers etc. do not take the biggest part in ads. Advertisement completely ignores the complexities of modern women’s life. (European Journal…