3D Street Ads by Julian Beever

Julian beever art

Julian Beever is known for his pavement drawings and 3D illusions. Even though, a majority of his paintings have nothing to do with advertising, he still made awesome street ads we want to share with you. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ”In order to appear really 3 dimensional however, they need to be viewed either through a camera (which I have set up on a tripod for people to…

Ten Print Car Ads from the 90s

Vintage Car Ads from the 90s

Toyota Celica (1992) 2. Jeep Cherokee (1992) 3. Mitsubishi Eclipse (1990) 4. Alfa Romeo 164LS (1994) 5. Toyota Supra (1996) 6. Daihatsu (1996) 7. Ford Ranger Truck (1993) 8. Jeep 4×4 (1999) 9. Mitsubishi Eclipse (1997) 10. Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1997)    

13 Ridiculous Vintage Tobacco Ads You Won’t See Today

Vintage tobacco advertising

Back in the days you’ll rarely hear someone saying: I should quit smoking; cigarettes causes cancer; tobacco harms your health; how to quit smoking. There were even ads with doctors ensuring tobacco has nothing to do with health issues. Or paperback ads saying that cigarettes guard your throat. Also, women targeting with catchy phrases subconsciously saying – You must smoke cigarettes, in order keep slim, fit and beautiful. Surprisingly, even…