Car Advertising Pitches From the 70s

”You don’t sail a boat just to get across the water. The fun is in the doing. The pleasure of motion under control. Mustang drivers understand that. If all they wanted was to get from here to there, they’d be driving something else. Not a Ford Mustang. With independent front suspension and anti-sway bar to give good control, good road handling. With bucket seats to position you comfortably behind the…

Ten Print Car Ads from the 90s

Vintage Car Ads from the 90s

Toyota Celica (1992) 2. Jeep Cherokee (1992) 3. Mitsubishi Eclipse (1990) 4. Alfa Romeo 164LS (1994) 5. Toyota Supra (1996) 6. Daihatsu (1996) 7. Ford Ranger Truck (1993) 8. Jeep 4×4 (1999) 9. Mitsubishi Eclipse (1997) 10. Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1997)    

Advertising During Economic Recession

Times square

Advertising should not be cut in difficult times. One of the major things is that increasing advertising during the recession leads to increase in market share and sales. Furthermore, that effect seems to last beyond the recession and the response to advertising during a recession may be higher than that during stable times. The problem that face a lot of firms during a recession time is that incomes get lower…

Gender Stereotyping in Advertising

Its not for women

It has been strongly evident that the media has played a large role in gender stereotyping for decades. Today’s advertisements do not reflect what women have achieved in our society. Advertisements often ignore women who reach career ladders. Also, women who become doctors, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, decision makers, and business travellers etc. do not take the biggest part in ads. Advertisement completely ignores the complexities of modern women’s life. (European Journal…

Ivan Pavlov – Starving Dogs and BMW

Bmw and girl

Behaviourism was the first system of psychology to influence marketing and in nowadays it is still a viable system. There are at least three forms of behaviourism: Pavlovian conditioning (classical conditioning); Operant conditioning; Tolman’s behaviourism. Classical conditioning is behaviourism of John B. Watson. He is credited as a founder of behaviourism in psychology though it has Pavlov who pioneered the first experiments in ‘classical’ conditioning. One of the best ‘classical’…