Effectiveness/Ineffectiveness of Advertising Campaign. Xbox – ‘Cops and Robbers’. Part 2

Effectiveness advertising

Creative strategy, message and channel factors: It is known fact that there should be an element of creativity in advertising. This creativity is to create something new, unique, extremely attractive and appealing to the consumers. It takes a long time planning and part of the copywriter and creative director who shapes the final advertisement. A creative advertisement is developed on sound strategy, outstanding visuals, correct application of timing and media….

Body Image in Advertising

Body image

It’s not a secret anymore, that advertising makes a huge influence in our life. Commercials impact us to buy products that are not necessary for us, as well as dictated how to look or act. Media does huge effect for body image, but not everyone affected in the same way. Some people have lower self-esteem and are more likely to compare themselves with media images. This can make them feel…

Effectiveness / Ineffectiveness of the Advertising Campaign Part 1

Effectiveness advertising

This article is about Xbox 360 TV advertisement ‘’The Cops and Robbers”, which was banned by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). This is the organization which makes sure that all the advertisements are decent, honest, legal and truthful. They take actions which need to fight against offensive, misleading or violence advertisements, direct marketing or sales promotions. (ASA, 2012) TV advert for the Xbox 360 is full of stunt street drivers and…